The 4 reasons you should choose NSD
1. New Features: NSD recently released AutoStart Spinners - no string or battery required; and 2012 Metalic Spinners - enhanced grip feel & very competitive price.

2. Premium Quality: Each NSD Spinner has been fine tuned and quality assured by computers. Quality invites reputation!

3. Green and Safe: NSD Spinners are in compliance with international standards such as RoHS, REACH and CE, and so cause no harm to human health and the environment.

4. Original Designer and Manufacturer: NSD (Nano-Second Technology) is original designer and manufacturer of NSD gyroscopic products (“NSD Spinners”) that are currently sold in the market. NSD has a strong R&D team and obtained more than 100 patents (see list below) worldwide to protect our customers and products.

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Russia Patent
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