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NSD ESound Spinner

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Sku Number: PB-188S Blue

Price : $19.99

Product Details
Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser with Sound Generator. Electronic sound effects. Available in blue. Manual (pull-string) start

Convert your exercise energy into an aural sensation! Turn the spinning action of the Spinner into a wonderful Formula One cars' engine sound. Change the resistance of your wrist to speed up and slow down the E-Sound Spinner, and create a song from your wrist to move your body to! Master the E-Sound Spinner and wow your friends, family, and co-workers.

NSD owns and has all rights, title and interests, including standing to sue for the past, present or future infringement, under United States Patent No. 5,800,311 entitled “Wrist Exerciser” and other U.S. Patents (e.g., No. 7,033,304, No. 7,101,315, No. 7,318,790, No. 7,086,990, No. 7,452,307, No.7,381,155, No.6,623,405, No.7,077,786 and No. 6,942,601).

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