NEW and EXCLUSIVE! NSD's PB-588 series Spinner


NSD Spinner is the ONLY place you can get the new PB-588 series Spinners! Upgraded with new gyroscopic rotor design, new and more durable material for the track inside the Spinner, and a new stainless steel shell.

So much new technology and innovation has been packed into the PB-588 series, we're calling them the "Precision" line up of Metallic Spinners. The tolerances inside the the Spinners as well as the shell construct are precisely measured to achieve a quieter operation compared to the existing PB-188 series and PB-388 series. Due to the redesigned rotor and track housing the rotor, we can now pack a tighter shell around the Zinc (PB-588C) or Aluminum (PB-588HC) rotors, thus using a smaller form factor for the Stainless Steel Spinners.

Here's a comparison of the 3 distinct series of Spinners and the sounds they make at speed:


Below is a comparison between the PB-588 with a PB-388:

In addition, the PB-588HC is redesigned for MAXIMUM SPEED. Its lightweigth aluminum rotor combined with the smooth, low resistance track makes for the potential for the ULTIMATE speed, even more so than the existing PB-388HC, the "Ultimate Winner's Sterling." On NSD's test bench, we were able to achieve a phenomenal top speed of 21,342 RPM on a single Spinner! The PB-588HC is a must have for any Spinner enthusiasts looking for that bragging right.


Here are some pictures of the new PB-588C and PB-588HC. They're in-stock and available for order!