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Posted by Jonathan On Mon 26 Nov, 2012

Up until recently, I didn't know a thing about knitting.  Okay, who am I kidding?  I still don't actually know anything, but I do know that my wife has taken to it like nobody's business, and I can clearly see how much hand and wrist coordination it takes.  Thankfully, she's been finding the time to continue using her NSD Spinner to help with that as well as helping to prevent any repetitive stress injuries......More
Posted by Jonathan On Thu 15 Nov, 2012

If grip strength is used by doctors to gauge overall health as we age, it seems a pretty safe assumption that working on grip strength could also increase overall strength and health....More
Posted by Jonathan On Mon 22 Oct, 2012

Despite all the exercise tips we give in our blogs and videos, many people think the NSD Spinner is only worthwhile if you already have the need for some form of therapy due to injury. That's definitely not the case...More
Posted by Jonathan On Mon 08 Oct, 2012

It's well documented and simply common sense. Even a little bit of exercise to increase blood flow can work wonders on reducing stress as well as helping to avoid midday energy slumps and increasing productivity...More
Posted by Jonathan On Fri 28 Sep, 2012

Is it possible to get a chest workout with an NSD Spinner? Even I was surprised that it's possible. Another great way to fit in new exercises with your Spinner from anywhere...More