The design of NSD Power products is protected under more than 100 patents worldwide. And as Nano-Second Technologies continues to improve and evolve the original design, countless numbers of golfers, ball players, athletes of every kind benefited from the improved strength and control over their forearms and wrists. Eventually, as the growth of the personal computer increased our daily use of the mouse and keyboards, millions of suffers of repetitive stress injuries and Carpal Tunnel Syndromes found solace with a few minutes of exercise on an Original NSD Spinner.

With DECADES of research and development, NSD Power is the only manufacturer of these gyroscopic exercise machines you should TRUST.

With various poorly engineered and constructed competitors out on the market right now, why take a chance with the quality, durability, and innovative design? NSD Power is the ONLY official distributor of NSD Spinners in North America and the only place where you can get cutting-edge new designs like our AutoStart models, or our LED counter models, or new, soon to be released features not found on any other gyroscopic exercise balls?

Customize yours with your favorite color, design, and these unique features:


Take the guess work out of starting our Spinner! The AutoStart Spinners feature an internal wind-up mechanism that spins up the ball without the aid of a pull-string. Simply wind up the Spinner and let it go to get it started!

Digital Speedometer

A precision LCD counter that tracks your performance! All our Performance line of Spinners comes with a high performance, accurate counter that displays current RPM, top RPM, top historic RPM, 30/60/90 second elapsed time, and numbers of revolutions. If your Spinner did not come with a counter, one can be added fairly easily with basic hand tools.

LED lighting

A dynamo converts the energy generated by your work-out and lights up LEDs of different colors. Impress your friends, co-workers, and family with your Spinner!

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